A Trip to the Theatre…

The biggest venue yet…but at a fashion show?

Quite a big stage for just one me.

Quite a big stage for just one me.

I’m aware that if you’ve ever met me, the thought of me playing a fashion show is fanciful at best. For a start, it probably involves having to look fashionable, which isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I managed to string together a half decent outfit, going for plum chinos, a white patterned shirt, grey brogues and a H&M jacket, and even got some compliments from the actual fashion people, which was nice.

Concentration face.

Concentration face.

The gig itself entailed playing four songs in the interval of the show, and trying to make them as upbeat and fun as possible, so I opted for Antananarivo (a fast song about gap years), Drunken Truths (another speedy one about hot barmaids), Supermagnets & Superglue (so I could prove that I’m a real songwriter, not just ‘a dude who jumps around and swears a lot’ as I so eloquently put it) and Don’t, a little Ed Sheeran cover which allows me to get the audience singing and to have a bit of fun.

The audience was fantastic considering that they were there for a fashion show and not a gig; they sang when I asked them to and gave me a fantastic reception. I’ve heard that it was filmed so as soon as I can get a hold of the video, I’ll post it up here for general perusal.

All in all, it was a really fun night out, and I got to spend it with my friend Cadi Rhind, who also performed a couple of awesome mashups and a beautiful original song that had many eyes glistening.

Next up for me is my lead support slot at the Railway in Winchester, supporting Scott Freeman for his album launch. He and his band the Tokyo Sex Whales have been dashing around the UK doing a tour to promote the album and are returning to Winchester to do the big hometown show, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to play at the show once he asked. Tickets are going to be £5 on the door so come along if you’re not busy, it promises to be a fabulous night of live music.

Gig Summary:
 Antananarivo – Drunken Truths – Don’t (COVER) – Supermagnets & Superglue
Upcoming Gigs:
Friday 20th March – Scott Freeman & the Tokyo Sex Whales Album Launch – Railway, Winchester – £5 on the door.
Saturday 28th March – Edge of The Wedge, Portsmouth, 1pm – free.
Tuesday 1st April – No Fools Here! for Marie Curie Cancer Trust – Talking Heads, Southampton. – £4.50 adv/£5 OTD.


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